TUNNEL 267, 267 The Broadway, Wimbledon, SW19 1SD +44 (0) 208 540 0080 . Sam = a bit drunk.Left about 12.00 am. My kids would ask me why I was never at home with them at night, a question I began to ask myself. ]Going back to the beginning,in 1959,when I asked my Dad for a guitar he replied Ill make you one.He was a first class furniture maker and thought he could apply his skills to making a musical instrument.He did just that but although it looked good every time I re-tuned the strings the neck bent and eventually they were half an inch away from the frets.I believe he thought my interest would be short-lived but he went on to make speaker boxes and amplifier cases and the bands first roadie was my brother-in-law.it was a family affair!To my Mum and Dads credit they gave their blessing to my quitting a secure job with Barclays Bank to play guitar full-time.Im sure Dads skilled fingers were crossed behind his back!When we speak of school friends I cant overlook the person who taught me my first chords,namely Dave Munday who sadly died in his teens.The memories start filtering through,despite the effects of alco-ziemerand I hope to contribute more anecdotes in the future. But I do know we each received a handsome reward of 25 guineas [for young viewers a guinea was 1 and 1 shillingfor younger viewers thats 1 and 5 pence! Hanging around with bands in my German school days was logical. Award. Anyway, encouraged, I wound back my mental clock to the early 1960s. Mecca saw these wins as a cause for celebration at the club and were told to play one special night dressed in tennis gear. The club closed in 1997 and was demolished 18 months later, with a block of nondescript red brick flats now on the site - called The . Cinderella Rockerfellas. I too was at the Palace when Johnny Kidd and the Pirates did their gig I can remember some of the local guys getting jealous because the local girls were in love with Johnny, and they started to chuck hapennies and pennies onto the stage. Sorry about the confusion with Gus Chesney, my memory must be playing tricks on me or the Watney Manns IPA was, at the time, too strong for a young lad like me. I opened my eyes and there he was looking me in the face and I hadnt seen him for 20 years. Photos of the bands early years sent to me by guitarist Ian Middlemiss can be seen on this separate page. His Father was a very accomplished carpenter and made Peters first bass. Hi I used to go to Tiffanys nightclub in Wimbledon Broadway from 1971-1972 and the resident band was The Treetops. Hello fellow GARAGEHANGOVER enthusiasts. Did you make a fortune out of us? I look forward to hearing them on Strictly Come Dancing! as disco music was becoming increasingly popular. Yes Matt,Ive got a lot to thank Tiffanys [and The Treetops] for!I wouldnt have met your Mum and it would have brought reality to our record Without the one you love.Instead,I could say Life is getting better'[a bit late to be plugging our records! I understand you know my father Elliott Burchmore, I am trying to reach him. He did however try with Wiggins Teape but I surmise that he never was too comfortable in an office. A very grateful Seven UP following thanks you. I moved to Canada in 1967. I left to go to work at Tiffany's in London Great days . The audition took place at The Lyceum in The Strand in front of a couple of attractive young women sent by Mecca head office. The group did no further recording while at the club but in 1977 Paddy and myself set up our own recording studio on the side of my property. See more. History. I still see Brian occasionally, he still owns several businesses and now and again we get together and play some of the oldies. You were my English teacher. This volume covers UK bands who released at least one single between January 62 and December 66. A fairly decent snooker player.I never did manage to beat him. Scores of young people ran in panic . They had a song I liked. In 1962 the Mustangs were formed with Phil Thomas (lead vocals), Bob Church (rhythm), Adrian Philpott (lead guitar), Keith Chesher (drums) and myself (bass guitar and keyboards). Please contact me at rchrisbishop@gmail.com if you can loan or donate original materials. It was great to hear it again after all these years. Colombia DB9013. I very much hope that this note will reach you and help me on my quest. They of course smashed the real thing, something we couldnt afford to do. My name is Judi and I was a waitress at Tiffanys. Interesting chap. In May 1964, Brian, Pete and myself took a short holiday in Amsterdam. Now based in Peterborough with an amazing wife and an eccentric German Shepherd. Glad to hear you are well, Regards, Jim Eaton. As a child with my bro and sis, I had great fun watching Dad, Jim and Brian play at Brians partys, where even the Alexander (3) and Eaton (2) kids used to get on stage and drum/strum/vocalise too. Thanks to Phil for sending in the article from The Southend Standard, January 2006 and to Jim Eaton for his help with songs, photos and information for this page. There were a number of BBC studios we used including The Paris Theatre in Regent Street, The Aeolian Hall in Bond Street and the huge Maida Vale Studio. But it was the YEAR Of MAGIC music wise: The BEATLES were about to explode, Meseybeat took over and everything changed completely. Stream Tiffany's Nightclub Rotherham 1974 by the glummer twins on desktop and mobile. . On the subject of Pete Willshire I recall going with Bash to rehearsals to do the backing of one of his records where Pete was one of the backing guitarists. Description Discussions 0 Comments 0 Change Notes. Alexanders was fun and I cant remember why you left, we had a succession of managers after you, no one quite as much fun.I think Tony was on keyboards when you were there, he formed his own trio and went to Benleys and I got Paddy Kirby on keyboards who was brilliant. Christ Stevens and his brother, Graham still play: Douggie the lead guitar was the only bloke I knew who actually then owned a Baby Binson disk echo. So Rock On Tommy!!! After years of living abroad I was so glad to be home and find this webpage about the Monotones as I often did a little spot with them at The Elms in 1964 under the name of Jimmy Dingo and later worked with Jim Eatons brother Freddie doing security work at venues.It has been a nice walk down memory lane for me and glad to know that some of us are still going. Malcolm (Max). Long time since we were at Westcliff High but I do remember you from the photograph and was pleased to hear that you enjoyed many successful years with The Mustangs. The Iconic Blue Box. Condolenses to Marks family and relations. Both bands used to play regularly at St. Clements Church Hall and other places but St. Clements brings back fond memories of the Mums and Dads dropping their kids of at St. Clements to see what was usually 4 or 5 bands on in one night, only coke and crisps were served and the place was always packed. Mention of the bass guitar I sold you brought a tear.my Dad made it.How long did it survive,and have you any photos ? And me right in the middle of it! He was like a group all by himself! If you wish to contact me through Chris (rchrisbishop@gmail.com) you may be able to help me out. All entries can be updated, corrected and expanded. he runs popset party ltd with his wife debbie graham. knew right away that it had been Brian Alexander of the MONOTONES but even he never heard of that title. Hi Chris , Firstly , I can confirm it is a photo of The Whirlwinds sent to you by Graham Rousell . 1. Jam with friends but no paid work. Seems like riding a bike, you never forget.Believe it or not, I have only just sold a load of my gear that I used use at the Elms. Later, I opted out as my career was more important. Mark also released two records as a solo artist on which we provided the backing tracks and backing vocals. I Keep Thinking About You and Everybody Tries were produced by Brian and released on the Parlaphone label. It was a flop. The grass-court Grand Slam tournament, established in 1877, will take place at The All England Lawn Tennis Club in London, UK. As last year, the fourth round singles matches will be spread across two days, and the Gentlemen's and Ladies' singles matches will be mixed through the quarter-finals. This had been made for him by his Dad, who had a tiny shop in West Street, Prittlewell: which all self-build fanatics of Strat look-alikes repaired to for machine heads, pick-ups and other bits. At the time, Southends live gig focus was the old tired Victorian pub, The London Hotel, in Tylers Avenue; next to the old main fire station and the band of the moment were the Barracudas, distinguished by the lead cum rhythm guitar, Teddy Knott, who possessed then, a rare animal indeed: a double neck guitar. The UK Monotones were a group formed almost exclusively of pupils/ex pupils of Westcliff High School for Boys, near Southend on Sea in Essex. Does anyone know what happened to Billy Butler who guested with us from time to time? Past Girls Tournament Free Throw Champions. Share. You will note we added a female to our lineup, a great vocalist Martha Smith. Brian was so accommodating and encouraged anyone and everyone who played anything to be involved. Los Angeles Times, August 31, 1950. What followed was interesting, as when we had exhausted our repertoire of Beatles and Searchers songs, we were asked by the club manager to play them again. SoundCloud Tiffany's Nightclub Rotherham 1974 by the glummer twins published on 2016-02-07T16:36:35Z . Bert used to knock my socks off when they did Buddy Hollys Look at Me and Bert would play Chet Atkins Peanut Vendor as the solo! TIM. One of demos we recorded was a song titled Nice Legs Shame About The Face This demo found its way into the charts, I believe by a group called The Monks. He used to be billed as Britains Strongest Teenager at local fetes and carnivals. 3/26/2008. From . We had a long chat and he was on his way back to Australia. I was lucky enough to meet my wife there . plantation golf and country club venice membership fees; is 100k a good salary in seattle. 1 . I performed a number of songs by The Coasters such as Charlie Brown and Girls, Girls, Girls during which I remember clucking like a chicken as a solo! I havnt got your Instamatic memory but you certainly rattled my recollection-box. The comment about Seven Up is brilliant and I am going to write to the BBC to try and find a copy, so thank you for posting. Tiffany Hill. But they were not quite at the pulse of the time like PYE in England in way too, were they not? I used to run a little garage business in Southend and frequently attended The Elms and other venues where you played. Samantha's was in a basement off Regent Street and I was introduced . I must admit, the result was pretty awesome! During our final studio rehearsal prior to the take Gene Pitney dropped in to speak to Bill Farley, the resident studio engineer. So sorry to learn of the passing of Jim Eaton. Lionel looked like a sort of overweight lump: how appearances can be deceiving! Unfortunately I didnt realise that the guitar had woodworm. Went to his house. Playing a piece many times over bored me and the more you play it, the less likely is that you can make an improvement. I arrived this time just a few days after he passed away,he had phoned me the day before saying he was looking forward to my visit. ): also as an Ex-Westcliff High School pupil, albeit, somewhat more elderly than Brian Alexander and crew, music was then something rather different from the violin lessons I grudgingly took on Saturday mornings would you believe! The early 60s were a fantastic time for fans of live music: the Southend Sound led to a number of serious legends. He was a very fast sprinter, a good Rugby player and even when the band was playing six nights a week he managed to play in goal for a London Football team. Miss it! We didnt get away from the club until after 1am and had to leave for the studios by 5.30am. This second recording, again released on Pye, was more successful in terms of airplay and TV. Does your group ever play down this neck of the woods, would be great to meet and hear you. Add to Collection . Strat cranked up. Kodepos. We met up with Rod Clarke, who replaced me temporarily in 1965 and he was able to put names to so many faces [ my memory fails me too often these days ]now where was I.ah yes, if you have time [ no excuse as youve retired ] check out his CV at http;//www.themoodyblues.co.uk/page46.htm..Im always impressed by those who made music their life. tiffany's nightclub wimbledon. Tiffany Hill. Although I was never in a band, I followed the Southend groups around the local venues and it was great to be reminded of them The Elm, The London, The Palace, Whitehall and Snakes Lane, Eastwood. Got up at 8.00 am.Sam called for me at 9.00 am.Went to Liverpool. Played pool at the BrickSaw loads of mates from skool.Had 2 Martinis came home at 11.00 pm. He used to swim competitively as did I and I met him a couple of times around the County. In October 1966 The Beach Boys released the iconic Good Vibrations and I recall we rehearsed this number for hours and hours. I took on another organist, but this time someone who could sing as well. Im meeting up with Jim to visit The Beecroft Gallery to see where they have hung them..probably in the loos, but if so hopefully the ladies !! Of course I also caught up with Mark as I try to do most years. We had been staying at our home in France and the mail and papers had stacked up, meanwhile. of a group that had formed out of THE BLIZZARDS plus two other projects. Never before, or since, have I been surrounded by so many beautiful women. Tiffany's was a nightclub that was at the end of the road from where I lived. All the members of the band have kept in touch and playing re-unions were arranged in 2001, 2007 and most recently in August 2010 which involved Adrian and Bob travelling from Australia where they both now live. ), Ian attended Joan Greenwoods Method School with such later luminaries as Olly Reed, John Leyton (Think Great Escape) and other up and coming thespians. 167. I am writing a book about my travels and adventures and was sorting through some papers and found photos of you guys! Hi Judy, Good to hear from you. Apparently in May 1967 Pink Floyd gigged there. Are you still alive? We appeared on a number of TV pop shows including Ready Steady Go, Thank Your Lucky Stars, Juke Box Jury and a number of others. I didnt get to Alexanders as by that time I was in the states. Have had contact with Pete but love to hear from you. We live in Surrey but my wife hails from Exeter and her sister is a keen dancer and regularly attends Rock n Roll evenings at Beverley Park, Torquay. This wasnt at all what I was looking for on the internet but did it take me back! Hi Tim, Good to hear some of your recollections , glad we treated you kindly! Get in touch for any commercial. http://www.southend.gov.uk/news/article/432/exhibition_to_showcase_southends_rich_musical_heritage . So I built a wall of sound, combining a Lowrey organ with a Hammond organ, a string synth, Roland synth and Hohner Clavinet, pumped through 2 massive JBL studio monitors and a Leslie rotary cabinet in the middle. I still fly a fair bit working as a shipping and port consultatnt so the music I listen to is mainly that of the Pacific which is interesting in itself! Their original vocalist, Nigel Basham also performed separately under the name Mark Loyd and was backed from time to time at local gigs by another Southend band, The Mustangs, who also originated at Westcliff High. I didnt get the crown or the furs from him either!! You can reach me on jimboeat [at] hotmail.com Ive had a remarkable change of fortune since I lost dear Pam, tell you when we talk. June 8, 2022; jorvik folding electric tricycle; which crypto will reach $1,000 . You will remember that Pam ( Sandys best friend ) was my long time on/off girlfriend who used to help with carrying amps etc! In fact , if you take the logical route we are the first exhibit, which may suggest they are saving the best to last!! It will contain a discography from which you will see that in fact we didnt release When will I be loved . Mark and Kit sang lead on this and I sang lead on the flipside, a cover of The Moody Blues Gypsy. Hello Steve, I would be pleased to talk with you. This was the first of many recording sessions at the studio made famous by The Beatles. tiffany's nightclub wimbledon . ), Got up at 11.00am.Washed my hair & then J came round. We also had a Vernon J. Smith who played the G-banjo in those days. These came about following a request from the government to the BBC to broadcast popular music, following the ban and shutdown of the pirate radio stations. My e-mail address is jimboeat@hotmail.com All the best Mike, Regards, Jim. These days I too play here and there for my own Amazement as well. We eventually bought a couple of Selmer Selectortone amps and a Watkins Copycat echo unit.proper gear! Emma Raducanu joined the likes of Beyonc and Jay-Z as Tiffany ambassadors (Image: Getty) "An evolution of a Tiffany icon, Tiffany T1 designs represent individual strength and perpetual power . Tunnel 267 is open straight after work through till the late hours. Pete Trout left and emigrated to Australia in search of new horizons. New Continental Club, Harter Street, Manchester. Retired in 2005, had the regulation heart attack, recovered and bought a Strat/Roland Jazz Chorus and currently trying to play Joe Pass/Lil Darlin properlyfailed. Could this have been the U.S Monotones ? 12520. The All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC), which runs Wimbledon, imposed a similar suspension. 
May 1966 
P018524 - B53B1R from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors. I havent visited the web site for some time so apologies for the delay in my reply. However, on the positive side that we can now afford reliable equipment we could only dream about in the early 60s, when much of our gear was home-made, including the bass guitar built by Pete Stanleys dad, which Mick subsequently replaced with the Burns Vista Sonic Bass he still plays today. Dundee's largest nightclub was given a new lease of life last year when it was taken over and turned into 1980s and 1990s themed Club Tropicana and Vogue. Hi jim hope you and pam are well it was a shock when i read about mark passingaway last year as it was gary some years back one article in echo paper a while back you asked if some of us met our wifes at the elms i met my wife through freinds who went there we have been married 38 years now we live in rayleigh just out of southend if any of the monotones remember one xmas or newyear eve you had just said one last no before a break half way through gary hit the cymbals and they fell and hit my freind on the head maybe sometime if possible to meet up and catch all for now roy. honeywell torrance closing; juliet lea hillman simonds; raj k nooyi net worth. Alan Bowden - 24/6/12. Nigel Basham : I was responsible for his Mark Lloyd stage tag. 80's teen star Tiffany is still on the road singing her hits . I recall someone threatening to put that whistle somewhere where the sun doesnt shine if they heard the tune one more time! At that time, a group that included Paul Dunning, Ian Middlemiss, Adrian Phillpot and myself formed a group called The Counts. Includes the latest news stories, results, fixtures, video and audio. Hi Colin,I was interested in your submission re the monotones.I still see Nigel each year in Australia and regularly see Brian and Pete.Most of your article was correct with the exception of Gus Chesney. During this time Brian snapped a string while fine tuning his guitar. Behind every dream is the dreamer. THE BEST PARTY EVERY WEEKEND AT WIMBLEDON'S ONLY NIGHTCLUB JOIN OUR GUESTLIST HERE. Their drummer was Brian Edgings ( originally with The Barracudas ) who joined us for a while before Pete Trout took over when we took the residency at a new Tiffanys in Wimbledon. Mark Loyd, 1964Postscript, February 2011: Jim Eaton: I have just returned from Australia where I caught up with Mark Loyd who was for many years part of The Monotones before he pursued a solo career. The lead singer was a guy called Nigel Basham, classmate of mine between 1955-59. It goes without saying that it seems like only yesterday, and I could go on and on but will stop now, we must try and get together sometime. This was great opportunity for us and many other artists to be heard on national radio. Hi Brian This is my second attempt at a catch up be good to have a reply. The most valuable guitar was Brians gold plated Gretch which the police located some five years later. To read the full history of the group and its change to the Treetops, read through the comments below. He started to give us advice on how we should present ourselves etc. It later turned into Tiffany's in the '70s, complete with fake palm trees and loads of disco balls, before finally becoming Tropicana, which closed in the late '80s. We went to a greek club after work called the Clubmans Club in Chinatown or varied it by going in the Portland Lodge, not forgetting the hours we spent in Nicks all night cafe. I have asked him to add any comments to this web page to bring everyone up to date on his life since leaving The Treetops. For years I kept following the English program of RADIO LUXEMBOURG and I think, I was the only person in the southern part of Germany holding a subscription of the NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS. STREAM BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S: http://amzn.to/2erVXxnSONG AT THE END: http://amzn.to/2dXkYLRCHECK OUT MY BLOG: http://www.everythingaudrey.com- - - - - . Incidentally , we are , here in the UK , watching 63 UP ( and of course Trumps visit ! ) And thats where one evening I saw Johnny Kid and the Pirates live, with the legendary Mickey Green, then. In 1975 Tiffany's opened. he has only stopped performing himself in the last 5 years and now just manages. As an extra bonus, she could play the piano! And many years later Rob became, accidentally, a customer of mine. I recall being on a circular stage with The Joe Loss Orchestra and as they disappeared, around we came singing our first number. FaRaFEIT marathon; former exams Thanks again for the memories, Sally, Hi Jim I will try to speak with Sandras sister Carol would be good to have a pint and the Elms must be the place to go ! The other big event of 1967 was the formation of The Treetops Appreciation Society where the membership fee of 5 shillings would provide you with information about the band for a period of 6 months..so it would appear the secretary,Joyce Bell,was not anticipating a long and successful career for the band! About the same time it was suggested that we should add a female vocalist to our line-up and we started a series of auditions to find one. When we came home the local paper ran articles about The Monotones successful tour of Europe together with several photographs of us. his sisters grandson. Following the recording of our next record Why Not Tonite/ Funky Flopout Martha also decided to move on. ), UK: Pye 7N 15608 What Would I Do / Is It Right (February 14, 1964) Pye 7N 15640 Its Great / Anymore (1964) Pye 7N 15761 No Waiting / Like A Lover Should (1965) Pye 7N 15814 Somethings Hurting Me / A Girl Like That (1965), US: Hickory 1250 What Would I Do / Is It Right Hickory 1306 When Will I Be Loved / If You Cant Give Me All. My pal always had his hair cut by Pete Wilsher and I did have one cut from him (not too impressed with it I remember) just before he left the barber trade. Brian Alexander : This guy was a totally useless WHSB academic and just had to be a musician as he would not have made it in a 9-5 job. Probably true to say that it was in part Pete Stanleys sound that inspired me to buy an Epiphone Rivoli when I was playing with the Right Attitude. I joined them around 1966 on guitar- I was playing a Harmony H75 when I joined & changed shortly to a Gretsch Tennessean. I now recall cutting both sides as a demo in 1963 at the Regent Sound Studio in Londons famous Denmark St. (also known as Tin Pan Alley due to the large number of studios, record publishers and musical instrument shops. The Whirlwinds were an excellent live band. Anybody got anecdotes or info on them? It was at the height of the punk scene and accordingly all manner of weird looking people would turn up. Thanks for the memories. Such fantastic memories..you will probably remember my brother Tim Gentle of Tim Gentle and his Gentlemen. (below just refering you to the scene setting post) http://diaryofa70steen.blogspot.com/2007/05/i-guess-next-step-in-this-to-set-scene.htmlooo name drop name drop . (he looks a prat btw), I met Ian Hislop last Saturday as well - gosh, oh my head is spinning with the mere mention of your celeb spotting. Sadly the opportunity never arose. Women's Bond NFT Collection My wife spotted the letter from Jim Eaton in the Southend recorder, November 19th, 2010. I stayed with it with some slight detours and I am still in it at 70. You may have these but if not I can send themif I can remember how to ! During my blabbering apology, I asked him if he could play anything and he mumbled that he had once sung in a choir. I became friends with Brian and we found we had two common interestsguitars and girls. During Brians frantic guitar solo in Route 66, he kicked a leg up and unfortunately revealed a part of his lower region down the side of his shorts. Can anyone remember a 7-piece group with two girl singers that used to do Four Seasons and Beach Boy covers? We new them well and played alternative nights at The Elms in Southend . Hi Jim hope this finds you well, sorry for the delay in replying but lost the site never mind, computors arent my best media tool, have problems with remote controls to the video, you can contact me on acchelsea@hotmail.com, hope to hear from you soon. Mark went on to create a successful event management company with the help of his wife Debbie, called Popset. Lionel became our Bouncer at the Elm for Thursday evenings. Anyway I happened to find this site and could not beleive all the information etc which takes me back to that era. Radio one, was launched by Tony Blackburn, playing Flowers in The Rain by The Move Following a successful BBC audition we began recording shows presented by the following DJs. I can't be fairer than that! Yes, Pam and I do remember you and of course Gordon. Hi Jim I stumbled on this webpage by accident! The Elm was then a venue for mainly jazz: Kenny Baxter and the SMJQ were Sunday afternoon regulars. urbn employee appreciation dates 2020,
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